Parent-Child Playgroups

“Playgroup is the only time our son gets to play with children his own age; without this program, we would be lost.”
– Parent

Helping People Succeed's Parent-Child Playgroups are designed for parents and young children who reside in St. Lucie County. Classes provide parents and children ages 3 months through 48 months with fun filled times with their children in a comfortable environment.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Interactive child development activities
  • Guest speakers
  • The opportunity to meet other parents and share parenting ideas
  • Active play with drums, maracas, parachutes and more

“Being a first time mom, I needed all the information I could get! I just love meeting other parents and sharing ideas.”
– Parent

10 Simple Things Every Child Needs

  1. INTERACTION – Spending time watching baby and responding to her cues
  2. LOVING TOUCH – Cradling, holding and giving him lots of hugs
  3. A STABLE RELATIONSHIP – Being there when your baby calls
  4. A SAFE, HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT – Providing a safe place where your baby's free to play and explore
  5. SELF-ESTEEM – Giving your baby praise for all the good things that she does
  6. QUALITY CHILD CARE – Leaving your baby with people you trust to teach and watch him grow
  7. COMMUNICATION – Even before she can talk, your conversations with your baby mean so much to her
  8. PLAY – Your baby’s play is fun, but it's also his ‘work’ and how he learns about the world
  9. MUSIC – Singing to your baby and playing music for her are special and fun for all
  10. READING – Reading to your baby every day and showing him books with pretty pictures create a wonderful bonding experience

What your child needs most is you!
Adapted from Ten Things Every Child Needs — McCormick Tribune Foundation

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