Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Goals, Strategies, Tactics

Organizational Goal #1: Governance Structure

Assignment: Individual Board Chairs, President/CEO

  • Review and enhance the structure of the governing boards
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and relationships of the three functioning boards
  • Review and update bylaws and policies
  • Update committee descriptions, goals, member skills, reporting and timelines
  • Revise recruiting procedures, scripts, criteria (reflecting BOD Profile Survey results)
  • Recruit new members to fill gaps in each board
  • Develop comprehensive onboarding and orientation programs for new members
  • Create education programs about fiduciary responsibilities and role of board members

Organizational Goal #2: Align operating structure to the 2025 vision

Assignment: President/CEO, Performance Beyond Today resource

Working with the 2025 Vision as a guide and addressing current environment and market influences, reimagine the organization’s operating structure.

  • Evaluate market needs and opportunities
  • Align operating structure to provide best in class services to needs
  • Invest in enhanced reporting systems for optimizing organizational performance
  • Enhance operations communications to strategic leadership team and board of directors
  • Apply process improvement tools to transform waste into additional service capacity

Organizational Goal #3: Explore fee-for-service and private pay programs

Assignment: President/CEO, Performance Beyond Today resource, special task force

Add: Business Development and Marketing Specialist

Study new funding concepts and opportunities to reduce reliance on grants and government funding to 50% of income, thereby increasing sustainability and financial stability

  • Create a task force of entrepreneurial community members who understand nonprofits
  • Research and report on opportunities to:
    • Initiate fee-for-service programs
    • Extend current programs to new private pay markets
    • Identify funded, collaborative partnerships (public and private sectors)
    • Explore concepts beyond current boundaries
  • Establish programming goals, with milestones and timelines

Enculturate a level of comfort and understanding among staff about the need to develop financial independence and security for the organization.

  • Create educational initiatives
  • Communicate positive messaging
  • Involve thought leaders and early adopters in the process

Organizational Goal #4: Develop and execute an expansion plan

Assignment: President/CEO, strategic leadership team, Board of Directors task force

Building on years of successful programming, Helping People Succeed will create a plan to expand its critical programs to areas of need and opportunity in the region.

Evaluate opportunities and plan to:

  • Expand mental health services to adult populations
  • Develop an Infant Mental Health program
  • Expand and develop services that will attract private-pay clients, including counseling parenting classes for families not currently financially eligible for reimbursed services
  • After school care
  • Programs for fathers
  • Transition programs for clients 16 to 25
  • Partnerships with complimentary community organizations
  • Additional service locations
  • Baby Steps to Indian River and Okeechobee counties
  • Employment opportunities in Indian River and Okeechobee counties
  • Autism Navigator certification, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analytics and other related services
  • Expand functional literacy components within each program of Helping People Succeed

Organizational Goal #5: Invest in Human Resources

Assignment: President/CEO, strategic leadership team, Board of Directors task force

Helping People Succeed will enhance current efforts and create an optimal organization that provides an exemplary workplace.

  • Invest in a professional, regional compensation evaluation report
  • Review Helping People Succeed’s program of compensation and benefits
  • Engage employees in evaluation process to prioritize improvements
  • Invest in new technology to improve efficiencies, management, reporting and security

Develop an Employee Recognition program led by a committee of staff members who are empowered to recommend activities that are meaningful to other employees and that celebrate breakthrough moments.

Encourage employee involvement in all aspects of the organization through a formal suggestion and feedback process.

Organizational Goal #6: Enhance decision-making data reporting

Assignment: CFO, President/CEO, Board of Directors task force

Develop programmatic and financial reports based on "dashboard indicators" to assist the board and leadership team in making decisions and identifying opportunities

  • Incorporate a "Trends" component in Leadership Team deliberations
  • Report significant trends to the board on a regular basis
  • Provide board updated legislative and regulatory news

Organizational Goal #7: Communications/Community Awareness

Assignment: President/CEO

Add: Communications Director position

Helping People Succeed will become more widely known and recognized as the lead agency providing essential services to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency to residents of Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Indian River counties.

  • Develop and implement multifaceted communications program
  • Improve the website to make it more consumer friendly
  • Identify key market segment and craft effective messaging for each
  • Motivate volunteers
  • Support grant and funding requests
  • Increase return on social media investment

Organizational Goal #8: Expand Fundraising Platform

Assignment: President/CEO, Gift Planning Officer, Board of Directors Task Force

While Helping People Succeed intends to provide the highest quality of services offered most efficiently, we will require funds to supplement critical programs, invest in pilot projects, and fund expansion platforms until the return on investment is realized.

Our development strategy should expand to include the resources necessary to develop every reasonable avenue of total funding. We will engage a task force lead by the Foundation Board, but fully inclusive of the Operating Board and community volunteers to execute a more complex development plan with goals and milestones set by the Operating Board and CEO as necessary to help achieve annual goals.

Additional components of the annual plan will focus on means to develop a risk preparation fund that would see the organization through any potential challenges in the future.

We will invest in the development infrastructure as necessary to achieve our goals most cost-effectively.

This may include a development officer in another geographical area, and a grants writer to consolidate and coordinate all grant applications, management and reporting.

Organizational Goal #9: Succession Planning

Assignment: President/CEO, Board of Directors

To assure sustainment of the organization over time, a well-crafted succession plan is required for board membership and organizational leadership.

  • Establish emergency leadership protocols for each area
  • Determine succession strategies, policies and procedures
  • Conduct annual updates
  • Institute a leadership development program for board and operations
  • Institutionalize in board handbook and operations manual

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